WMIC 2013 Highlight

WMIC Annual Meeting Highlight

The 2013 World Molecular Imaging Congress had its 6th Annual Conference in Savannah, GA (September 18-21).  This year’s meeting covers 168 oral presentations, 609 posters, and 146 late-breaking posters. There were five emphases: chemistry and imaging probes; first-in-human and clinical studies; preclinical cell and tissue level studies; preclinical in vivo studies; and technology and software developments.  Plenary speakers include Silvio Aime, Chi Van Dang, Katherine Ferrara, Hedvig Hricak, Norihiro Kohudo, Bruce Rosen and Dean Sherry. Silvio Aime and Dean Cherry are the Gold Medal Award Winners for the WMIC 2013. WMIC 2014 will be held in Seoul, Korea (September 17-20, 2014). Anna Wu from UCLA is the president-elect and Marty Pagel from University of Arizona Cancer Center will be the program chair for the next year’s scientific program.

Chinese community involvement in WMIC is visible but not sufficient. The scientific program chair of this year’s meeting is Jason Lewis from Memorial Sloan-Kettering. As the FASMI president, Dr. Ren-Shyan Liu from National Yang-Ming University Medical School (Taiwan) sits on the WMIC 2013 steering committee. King Li from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is the only Chinese (Cantonese) speaking person who sits on the program committee this year. Gang Zheng from the University of Toronto is CT category co-chair and Lu Jiang from the Johns Hopkins University is the optical imaging category co-chair. A good number of Chinese scientists were involved in reviewing the abstracts. They are: Weibo Cai, Yu Chen, Yun-Sheng Chen, Zhihang Chen, Guang-Hong Chen, Zhen Cheng, Lu Jiang, Ziyue Jiang, Jiefu Jin, Jinda Fan, Chun Li, Guanshu Liu, Li Liu, Lehui Lu, Zheng Miao, Chia-Hao Sun, Xiankai Sun, Rui Tang, Jen-Chieh Tseng, Benjamin Tsui, Ping Wang, Hongwei Ye, Benjamin Yeh, Jing Hu, Yin Zhang, Dawen Zhao, and Gang Zheng.

Many Chinese students/postdocs received Student Travel Stipends.

Stanford University: Lihong Bu (Harbin Medical University), Kai Cheng, Huaijun Wang, Tzu-Ying Wang, Deju Ye

National Institutes of Health: Fu Wang (Xidian University), Chenxi Wu (Peking Union Medical College), Xuyi Yue, Zhe Wang, Fan Zhang (Xiamen University)

Johns Hopkins University: Zhihang Chen, Jiefu Jin, Yuguo Li, Xiaolei Song

Fourth Military Medical University: Xiujuan Li, Xinxing Song, Tao Su

National Yang-Ming University: Yu-Chan Chen, Fei-Ting Hsu, Hsin-Hsien Yeh

UCLA: Ziyue Jiang, Keyu Li

West China Hospital Sichuan University: Jichun Liao

Leiden University Medical Center: Bang-Wen Xie

University of Alberta: Wei Shi

Iachn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai: Jun Tang

University of Virginia: Shiying Wang

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: Lingling Zhao

In the evening of September 20, the Chinese Society for Molecular Imaging (CSMI) and the Chinese American Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (CASNMMI) co-organized a WMIC “China Night”. The dinner event was hold at Joe’s Crab Shack restaurant, featuring beach-themed seafood casual dining. A total of 61 people attended the event. Dr. Jian Tian, the president of CSMI delivered a short speech and urged young scientists working in North America and Europe to go back to China. The molecular imaging program in China is in great need of talented scientists of all sorts. Dr. Xiaoyuan (Shawn) Chen, the president of CASNMMI also encouraged all Chinese researchers in the field of molecular imaging to become a member of CASNMMI.