2nd International Molecular Imaging Symposium (10/30/2013-11/1/2013, Xiamen, China)

The 2nd International Molecular Imaging Symposium (IMIS 2013), organized by the Chinese Society for Molecular Imaging (CSMI) and co-organized by the Chinese American Society of Nuclear Medicine (CASNM) will be held from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, 2013 at Xiamen University (Xiamen, Fujian), China (http://mitm.xmu.edu.cn/?list=49).

The IMIS 2013 will bring together about 300 physicians, physicists, chemists, and experts of various disciplines with the highest academic standards in the field. Tens of well-known scholars are invited to present the hot research topics and the latest achievements of the molecular imaging field, to share their knowledge and expertise with attendees (more details please see the announcement in Chinese).